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Competitive Strategies, Inc. assists your business in gaining a competitive advantage through the use of business management software.  Our Planning, Systems, Success approach is proven.  Our expertise makes it happen.

Competitive advantage comes from understanding your customer, your business and your competition.  Then, implementing a strategy to gain market share.  Software is a key part of that strategy.

Software is a business management tool.  Only if used properly will it enhance business efficiency and decision making.  At Competitive Strategies, Inc. we specialize in understanding how your business functions and how software can be used to :

  • Enhance Efficiency
  • Increase Return on Investment
  • Increase Profitability
  • Enhance Decision Making
  • Gain Competitive Advantage

Competitive Strategies, Inc. was started in 1997 by Steve Engmann and Jackie Lingg in Appleton, Wisconsin.  Since our beginning in 1997, we have assisted over 150 organizations with projects ranging from writing a better management report to a complete overhaul of their core business system.

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