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Helping individuals and organizations improve and achieve success is our ultimate goal.  Since our beginning in 1997, we have assisted over 200 organizations with projects ranging from writing a better management report to a complete overhaul of their core business system.




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Watch the Resource One - Purchasing Success Story
"It is a savings of about 10-15 hours per week to have
all the information I need on one screen."

Karen DeGroot
Purchasing Manager
Resource One International                                                            



Watch the Resource One- Shipping Success Story                             
"Having this system in place, all the information is
there, it keeps us extremely organized."

Naomi Barrington
Logistics Manager
Resource One International                                   


Read the Resource One International Success Story                                              






 Lappen Security


Watch the Lappen Security Products Success Story
Read the Lappen Security Products Success Story

"Great savings and being so easy, we can (count inventory)
more often to catch these inaccuracies."

Scott Wildenberg
President and Owner
Lappen Security Products                                                                 




Hennings Cheese

Watch the Henning's Cheese Success Story
Read the Henning's Cheese Success Story

"It (Reports run from Remote Order Entry System) almost eliminates all mistakes.  It has just been a godsend."

Kert Henning
Vice President
Henning's Cheese







Watch the VSI Success Story

Read the VSI Success Story

The system took a multi-day, multi-person
project and found the results "in about 2 seconds."

Heidi Barrette
Vice President of Operations



Watch the Maplewood Meats Success Story
Read the Maplewood Meats Success Story

"We spent hours and hours with the small work preparing for the day.  That isn't there anymore. It is a very efficient and organized way to look for orders." (About Meat Order Pro Program)

Brad VanHelemryk
Plant Manager
Maplewood Packing, Inc



 Gerry Davis Sports

"I believe we'll be able to handle three times our previous orders with half the people.  And MAS 200 has helped us trim fulfillment time by as much as 85 percent."

Scott Ehret
Operations Manager
Gerry Davis Sports



Rice Management

Read the Rice Management Success Story

"When I think about all the time Competitive Strategies has saved us, it's amazing."  (About custom reporting systems with MAS 90.)

Donna Birnschein
Human Resources Team Leader
Rice Management



East Central RPC

"By utilizing Job Cost and Timecard, we have been able to reduce our monthly closing entries by over 60%.  Reducing data entry frees up time for profitability analysis and other projects.  Steve and his team made this implementation a very smooth and painless process."

Angela Cottrell
East Central WI Regional Planning Commission



Orthopedic Spine Therapy

Read the Orthopedic & Spine Therapy Success Story

Paperless office is "about a $2,000 savings on paper per year." 
"We're very pleased..." on efficiencies created with MAS 90, Paperless Office, F9 and Custom Time Tracking Database.

Rachel Paulch
Orthopedic & Spine Therapy



ST Paper

Read the ST Paper Success Story

"It's probably saving me 10 hours per week." (About custom database for waste paper tracking with barcoded tags.)

Joan Wilson
Fiber Procurement Manager
ST Paper, LLC.




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